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Soccer ball that we use for fun soccer games in Lake Ronkonkoma, NY.

About Our Soccer Training Program in Lake Ronkonkoma, NY

At Suffolk Soccer Interleague, we build a culture of camaraderie and unity through the power of sports. We are one of the largest intramural and interleague organizations on Long Island. Our organization is committed to spreading the values of sportsmanship, physical fitness, and fairness. Our league hosts a strong soccer training program in Lake Ronkonkoma, NY, for girls and boys of all ages. From friendly matches to tournament play, we do our part in building stronger communities.

The Youth and Adult Soccer Leagues

Our organization hosts soccer programs for kids and adults. Altogether, we support 50 clubs and 350 teams. Boys and girls are welcome to join and play. The children’s league is separated by gender and age. All clubs are welcome to participate. The super rec matches are open to eligible players. However, registered competitive players are prohibited from playing in them.

The super rec program has divisions ranging from U8 to U19. Divisions U8, U9, and U10, are our development programs where children can learn the rules and basics of soccer. The adult soccer program is defined as divisions from U20 to U24. Our league is committed to helping players from diverse backgrounds learn and grow together. We empower members of our communities to develop athletic skill and good sportsmanship.

Important Information about Joining

We are always accepting new players of all ages to join our league. Players who participate in our soccer programs will need to sign up with a club to be covered by insurance. Players will need picture passes to participate. We ask that our recreational soccer teams in our clubs send us team pictures to be placed on our site. Additional information on how to join our soccer league, including our bylaws, policies, and contact information of club coordinators, can be found on our Home page.

A Message from the President of SSI

"Many years ago it was recognized that after the competitive travel teams were formed there was a need to allow recreational soccer players a place to play but many clubs only had a few players left and not enough to form pure age divisions for them. In order to avoid putting multiple age groups together (an unsafe environment), the need to help each other was obvious. As the years went on, the clubs were willing to put their heads together to help these players and form a cooperative friendly program for them to play in.

Being a past president, and knowing the urgent need to form this type of program, both my wife and I stepped up to help. The "Inter-town" (called in the 80s) interleague program began in 1987 and has been serving Suffolk since that time. In the fall of 1986, the organization started with 18 teams and 5 clubs, mainly 7th grade and up. In the fall of 1998 came the formation of the non-profit organization SSI.

Over the years, the program has grown and now serves over 350 teams and over 47 Clubs in Suffolk and a few in Nassau County. We offer pure age divisions from U8 to U17 both in the boys and girls divisions and are most proud of the fact that we continue to allow the recreational players to play with our Adult League of U19-U23 players.

This cooperative between clubs started out being called Inter-town, then Interleague and finally SSI. It is important to remember that the success of the program comes from the cooperation amongst the Clubs. The name SSI is just that, a name, so the teams playing have a way of identifying where they play. And they are playing just for the fun of it!

Sincerely Yours in Soccer,

— Louis Sventora,

President of SSI

Contact us to learn more about our soccer league. We are located in Lake Ronkonkoma, NY, and serve Long Island.